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Dear readers, a warm YOGIC salute to you all!

You must be interested in Yoga and yogic life or are already into it, otherwise you would not be reading it. WELCOME TO YOGIC VIBES – a complete blog on yoga and health.

Yoga, in the modern days, has emerged out as a way of life as it used to be thousands of years ago. Be it for the deep spiritual quest or holistic well-being or mere physical exercise, the world is hugely attracted to yoga practice today.
As the word YOGA comes from the ancient Sanskrit root of YUJ which means “to yoke”, yoga means yoking of mind, body and soul together for a union with the super consciousness. Thus, yoga is not simply only a form of physical exercises rather it is a vast science of meaningful human existence. The ancient yogis lived a life guided by pure yogic principals thus lived a very meaningful life but in today’s world we are surrounded by too many material discoveries and because of that most of us are unable to see the deeper aspects of yoga in our life.
Most of the time, we are used to faking the momentary pretence of happiness and comfort but in reality our life is full of miseries and discomfort created by today’s world rushing after material achievement thus having no time for oneself. We have gained excellent expertise in so many different areas that we have achieved so much but there is no or very less time to know about ourselves. We have actually lost our real identity while creating the fake one with our surficial achievements. Our life has become too much one side oriented to the material achievements and we have forgotten the real meaning of our existence. There needs to be some factor to bring a balance in our life.

And YOGA is that factor to bring the balance in our life. With a mindful and honest yogic practice, we can go deeper into our inner self for an amazing journey and learn about what we are really happy at; what the real meaning of our existence is. And the good thing is that the world today has accepted this truth of self-exploration to be a source of happy life and this is achieved through yoga. Unless the things start, there is no chance of getting better and, here, yoga is gaining its popularity around the world although not always in its original essence but it has its presence, which is a good thing. Improvement on essence comes slowly on its own as they involve into deeper practice.
YOGIC VIBES will bring you the best part of the yogic practice, life style and the effect on health for your perusal.

We will cover the most authentic principle guided yoga practices and life style, and health related materials from which you will benefit hugely. We are here to share our experience and knowledge based on our practice and research with you and you will share the same with your family and friends and eventually whole humanity will be benefited.


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