Frequenting Sanskrit Words in Yoga Practice

When we go to yoga classes, we frequently hear the words that we might not understand. They are the original ancient yoga terms in ancient Sanskrit language.

Here is a list of some of the frequenting words, in yoga practice, with their English meaning. If we have a basic understanding of these common yogic terms, it will be easier to understand what we are listening to.

Ahamkara – Ego

Ahimsa – non –violence

Ananda – eternal bliss

Artha – material wealth

Asana – a physical posture in which one is at ease and harmony with oneself

Aum – a sound of universal energy

Bandha – psychic lock or postural contraction of the body

Bhakti – devotion

Brahma – manifest force of life and creation

Brahmacharya – the state of higher consciousness

Buddha – the enlightened one

Chakra – psychic energy center in the subtle body

Chetana – consciousness

Chitta – state of mind

Chitta Vritti – mental modification

Darshana – glimpse

Dharana – concentration

Dhauti – yogic cleansing method

Dhyana – the final meditative state

Ida Nadi – major pranic channel in the body carrying lunar force

Jagriti – wakefulness

Jala neti – Nasal cleansing

Jnana – intuitive knowledge

Kama – emotional need

Kapalbhati – yogic cleansing of frontal brain

Karma – action

Kosha – sheath or body

Kumbhaka – retention of breath

Kundalini – spiritual energy

Kunjal Kriya – Yogic cleansing of abdomen by voluntary vomiting using warm saline water

Laksha – aim

Laya – dissolution

Manipura chakra – psychic center behind the navel

Manomaya Kosha – Mental sheath

Mauna – silence

Maya – illusion or partial understanding

Moksha- liberation

Moola – root

Nadi – pranic flow or channel

Nadi Sodhana – cleansing of nadis

Nauli – abdominal massage by rotating the abdominal muscles

Nidra – deep sleep

Nigraha – control

Niyama – inner discipline

Patanjali – ancient yogi who wrote the Yoga Sutras

Prajna – knowledge with awareness

Prana – vital energy

Pranayama – expansion of range of vital energy

Pranidhana – to believe in

Pratyahara – withdrawal of the mind from the senses

Rechaka – exhalation

Sahaja – spontaneous

Samadhi – culmination of meditation

Samyama – harmonious control

Satsanga – association with the truth

Saucha – cleanliness of the body

Shodhana – purification

Surya Namaskara – Salutation to the Sun

Sutra – thread

Swami – master of all

Tamas – state of ignorance

Uddiyana – to fly up

Ujjayi pranayama – psychic breathing performed by contracting the epiglottis

Vedas – ancient spiritual texts of eternal culture

Vritti – circular movement of consciousness

Yama – self restraint

Yoga Sutras – ancient text on Yoga written by Patanjali



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