Know the Causes of Imbalance and Diseases to Maintain Holistic Health

Being healthy doesn’t only mean being fit at the physical level but it includes the fitness of several other aspects of our body like mental, pranic (related to Prana – life energy) and psychic aspects. An imbalance on any of these aspects of our body creates lots of different problems in different levels thus, the holistic fitness should be taken under consideration and work accordingly to gain it, as Yoga suggests.

There are several causes like biological agents, climatic and environmental factors, trauma, abuse, addiction, medication, nutrition, genetic traits and effects and ageing process etc. which create a physical imbalance.

Likewise mental imbalance can be created because of emotional over reaction, anxiety, fear, stress, non-acceptance, ego related matter, psychosomatic/psycho-sexual problems, psychiatric disorder etc. As yoga explains, most of the mental imbalances are caused by the ego involvement, over-identification and non-acceptance.

Irregularity in the flow of the prana in the body creates pranic causes of imbalance and diseases. Too high or too low energy, huge temperature variation, concentration, memory, sleep problems, mental retardation, blockage of the pranic flow in certain body parts etc. cause the pranic imbalance in the body which directly affects the mental and physical health as well.

The psychic imbalances like uncontrolled psychic experiences, acquisition and demonstration of psychic powers, uncontrolled awakening of the dormant energy in our mind can create big problems in our health.

All the above mentioned levels of our body can maintain their wellness with the practice of yoga. With correct, mindful and honest practice of yoga, yoga in holistic sense, all these levels of our body come under our control gaining a state of holistic health. With the practice of asana, pranayama, meditation, kriyas, shatkarmas, and other essential aspects of yogic practice, we explore and know our body well and gain the control over all aspects and maintain their health in shape.

Thus, yoga is simply a lot more different than any other form of exercises. It does not only give a work out to the physical body but also keeps us healthy in mental, pranic, and psychic levels. The practice of yoga should be taken and understood in a holistic way to live a holistically healthy life, not simply a trend which makes you look cool in a bendy posture.

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