Practice Sun Salutation for a Day Full of Energy

Sun Salutation or Surya Namaskar is a sequence of twelve yoga postures that gives a complete exercise to our body. As the name suggests, this sequence of postures is practiced early in the morning with the rising sun praying and worshiping to the sun god. As per the ancient tradition twelve different mantras for each posture are chanted as the sequence flows to have the best effect of the postures on our mind and body.

The practice of sun salutation benefits on physical level as it provides an intense physical exercise although the postures themselves are not intense. Very simple and with easy flow, the postures can be practiced by people of all age groups and physical ability. The chanting of the mantras helps concentrate on the flow and grow the level of spirituality.

Practicing sun salutation early in the morning fills our body with immense energy in abundance that our whole day feels nice and comfortable, full of energy. We just have to allow fifteen minutes for the practice and your day starts with something that makes you feel good for the whole day. This is the best way to start the day when we feel that we don’t have long enough time to devote to yoga practice.

After finishing the early morning chores, find an open space where there is the flow of fresh air. Warm up yourself well with some subtle stretching exercises so that your flow in the sun salutation feels easy and comfortable and you lessen the risk of injury. As there is movement of body joints and stretching of body parts involved, you have to be very mindful of the movement so that you do not hurt yourself. After you are well warmed up, go for the sun salutation flow. You can repeat the flow beginning with four times for first few days and slowly increase the repetition. In the beginning, do the flow slowly so that you have your body aligned properly; breaths coordinated with the movement of body and remember the sequence of the flow.  After you finish the practice, allow yourself two minutes to lie down in Savasana and feel the energy flowing all throughout your body.

Just fifteen minutes of practice of sun salutation can make your day better, full of energy, positive thoughts and enthusiasm. It keeps our calm to stay away from the stress of the activities of the day. When the mind is free of stress, there is better performance, thus yielding better result.

So, what say? Start from tomorrow? How about committing time to it right from now? You will benefit a lot for sure.



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