That’s Why We Should Practice Yoga Asanas in the Morning

Practice of yoga asanas gives us an immense sense of satisfaction and makes us feel good on physical and mental levels. It does not matter when we practice; it is supposed to make us feel good any way. But there is an added bonus to us when we practice early morning.

Yoga practice early in the morning much before many people wake up! Sounds crazy, right? But believe me that practicing yoga very early in the morning has a lot of added benefits.

Here are a few benefits, out of many, of practicing yoga early in the morning.

The day is filled with energy:

Waking up regularly early in the morning and practicing yoga asanas gives us immense energy that makes our day better. The subtle and dynamic movements of body organs give our body a good warm up and the postural stretching and balance brings the body into correct and good shape and position. The well stretched body has a huge space created for the energy to flow into in abundance. The same energy keeps us energetic for the whole day.

“Early to Bed, Early to Rise” routine:

Morning yoga practice teaches us to follow a routined life style. When we have to wake up early in morning for the yoga practice, we go to bed early which gives us enough sleep necessary for a fresh and energetic day. It teaches us to follow a strict schedule and live a disciplined way of life.

Fresh morning, fresh day

Waking up early in the morning has the benefit of breathing in the early morning fresh air. The freshness of the air fills into body and we remain fresh and active for the whole day. Only the early risers know the joy of breathing early morning fresh air which the late risers, of course, miss. The inhalation of fresh air into the well stretched and balanced body is enough to keep us full of energy for the day.

High productivity

The early morning yoga practitioners have more time to do other works which they can utilize to be more productive. In the other way they are more likely to get more productive. Our day work time or evening time doesn’t have to be disturbed for your yoga practice. Taking of challenge of waking up extra hour early in the morning is surely rewarding and blissful.

Keeps mind calm

A calm mind is very necessary to stay stress free and the early morning yoga practice creates the calmness in our mind which stays for the day. The calmness of the mind helps us take in more activities during the day without being stressed.

Above mentioned points are only some of the benefits of practicing yoga in the morning. There are many more other benefits of it. Early morning yoga practice gives us more time to plan our day ahead that helps us stay organized. The organized life is less stressful. Less stress in life, more happiness flows in and more happiness creates a healthy and satisfied us. Healthy and satisfied being is good for the society and world.

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