New Year’s Yoga Resolution

Have you taken any resolution on the New Year’s Eve? Have you lived up to your resolution if you have taken any? Do you think New Year’s Resolution is worth taking?

Forget about all those questions above and think and commit to making a new start. If you had had any of them before and you lived up to them, you are a fantastically committed person to what you say. But don’t worry even if you have not lived up to the commitments that you made in the past. It hasn’t made the world revolve the other way around. It’s perfectly fine to sometimes be unable to live up to our commitments because it happens.

The New Year’s Eve is here and how about committing to ourselves to live a life fully to what we say? Not just to have a resolution but to prove that we can. That is certainly an awesome idea! Let’s get prepared for the same and not be diverted otherwise at any condition. Living to the commitments makes our life incredibly beautiful and wonderfully happy.

A very good resolution for this year can be committing to start practicing yoga regularly and benefit hugely from it. Yoga, without any doubt, brings all good that we want in our life but one thing we need to have is an unconditional continuity of practice.

Our life can be amazingly awesome with this Yoga Resolution this year. Living up to the Yoga Resolution will create a happy you, healthy you and energetic you.  A happy, healthy and energetic person always spreads good yogic vibes around and creates love in abundance for the all human kinds, living creatures, mother earth and the universe. That way, the Yoga Resolution does well not only to the person who takes it but the whole universe benefits from it.

So, if we can be good for all, why not be so?

Let’s take the New Year’s Yoga Resolution together.

Wish you all a very Happy New Year’s Eve and wonderful years ahead full of Yogic Vibes.


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