Experience of Yogic Awesomeness

Yoga has reached out to the world in such a wide scale that most of us might have heard about it at some point or many of us might have met somebody who does yoga and tries to convince and inspire us to get into it. This ancient science of healthy life has become so famous in today’s time in the globe that we want to give it a try at least once in our life, for many reasons though. For whatever reason we get into it first, we find out later that we slowly build up a passionate liking for the benefits yoga gives us. When we start practicing yoga, we are never able to think of the benefits and incredible feelings it brings to us but it is an amazingly different world when we discover slowly the amazing effects that yoga bestows upon us.

Here are some amazing things that we discover after we make yoga practice a part of our daily activities.


  1. Find Ourselves in Total Fitness:  Regular practice of yoga asana brings a high level of physical fitness. Slow, graceful and mindful stretching, movements and balancing of our body keeps our fitness level high and goes higher as the practice level increases.
  2. Flexibility is No More an Alien: One of the several reasons many of us stop thinking of practicing yoga is our inflexibility. Inflexibility here refers to the physical stiffness that stops us from doing some yoga postures that somebody else does so awesomely. But most of us fail to see at the other side of wall. Practice of yoga asana actually brings a lot of flexibility in our physical body that inflexibility is not a barrier to start practicing yoga. Actually, there is no barrier to start yoga practice at all. It is not only the physical flexibility that yoga brings to us but it also makes us mentally strong and flexible. It broadens our perspective to see the world and life.
  3. Spirituality Matters: Most of us get into yoga world to gain the benefits on physical level. But as we grow our practice deeper, we start loving something else that is Spirituality. Spirituality slowly emerges as our practice gets more honest, disciplined and devoted. A mindful and honest practice of yoga immerses us totally into it and inspires us to live it, not just practice it. As we grow devoted to the yogic life, spirituality obviously matters.
  4. Feel the Growth of Love: Love yourself and love the rest. Yoga teaches us to be nice and loving to ourselves and to the world. We find kind-heartedness for the living beings, mother earth and the whole universe growing in us and we can’t stop it. We actually love the feeling of growing love and compassion.
  5. Calmness Becomes a part of Life: As we grow seasoned in our practice of yoga, we build up calmness within us. The essential and original nature of human beings which lies dormant in us gets activated as we live yogic life and it shows incredible positive impressions in our life and to the world. Calmness is a great tool to live a stress free and happy life.
  6. Find “Vashudhaiva Kutumbakam”:   “Vashudhaiva Kutumbakam” means “The World is One Family”. This feeling of seeing the whole world as a single family and loving the family members comes to us from the practice of yoga. The growth of spirituality, love, and compassion in us builds up the feeling of Vashudhaiva Kutumbakam and teaches us to be kind and friendly with all to build up an atmosphere of world as a family.

Yoga is such a universal phenomenon that brings all the good vibes to our life that it can be experienced in different ways on different levels. Yoga is a great ocean where we see just the surface of water when we start and when we dive in, we find the real jewels underneath.

Let’s dive into this vast ocean of Yoga.

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