Mindfulness in Yoga Practice

Mindfulness is the state of being aware of something. Being mindful is the basic and very important approach to the yogic spiritual journey. Being aware or conscious of happenings in and around us helps us to be familiar with those happenings.

Mindfulness and Yoga come together. If there is no mindfulness, no yoga happens or exists. Being rightly aware of all the yogic practices helps to create more space within us for the yogic vibes to flow that takes us to the yogic goal. The relation between yoga and mindfulness is so strong that if we separate one, the other stops functioning.

Yoga as the art of living a healthy and happy life requires a lot of observation on the practice. Observation here doesn’t simply refer to watching something alone but being completely aware of the happening or observing the happening with the consciousness. Consciousness brings focus and focus makes us aware which enhances the mindfulness.

When we practice yoga asanas, we have to be aware or mindful of how far our body can go today; how much we can push our body to the stretching limit and so on. When we sit for meditation, we have to be mindful of our sitting posture; mindful of all the happenings in our body that let us go deeper into the meditation. Same applies with pranayama practice as well. Being aware of the movement of air in and out of the body and also being aware of the respiratory system working in our body brings us the most out of the practice.

As mindfulness helps in getting most out of our yoga practice, we become more familiar with the spiritual aspect of it which leads us to a better, happier and harmonious self. And that is what the world needs today.

Let’s incorporate mindfulness into our yogic practice and get the most benefits out of it.


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