Praparation to Celebrate International Yoga Day Commences

21st June is approaching us. What’s the importance of 21st June? Most of us know 21st June as the date to mark the summer solstice in the northern hemisphere and winter solstice in the southern hemisphere. Why else is this date important? People in the yoga community know this date as the International Yoga Day declared by the United Nations in 2015. As yoga is being a way of life style around the world, the United Nations understood the significance of yoga in human life and declared the International Yoga Day to be celebrated by its general convention.

As the longest day on the northern hemisphere, 21st June, is approaching closer, the preparation to celebrate the day for yoga in a wider scale worldwide has begun. Nepal is also getting ready to mark day with various activities.

Nepal Yoga Association has initiated preparation in coordination with Nepal Tourism Board to mark the International Yoga Day and blend yoga and spirituality into the tourism of Nepal. Nepal as the land of the Himalayas boasts a high level of spiritual atmosphere to heighten the yoga practice and at times incredible beautiful scenic wonders. The association is all set to celebrate the day with various activities organized during the celebration and will be attended by several remarkable yoga personalities and yoga enthusiasts.

The program will commence with a Yoga Rally and several programs including meditation, pranayama and asana practice followed by presentation on yoga, health and tourism by the experts and will finish with a yogic breakfast.

To celebrate the day in a grand way and make it a great success, the association is getting voluntary support from several organizations like Nepal Yoga Retreat, Lions Club of Nepal Spiritual etc. and is expecting a huge and exciting participation from the public.

How are you celebrating the International Yoga Day?

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