Healthy Eating Habits: Eat Right, Live Right

Good health is the greatest wealth that we can ever have as it allows us to do so many different things. Most of the part of our health is directly connected with our food habit. There is a saying that goes as “We are what we eat”. Our choice of food, eating pattern and time has a lot to do with our health condition. If we are wise enough to choose proper food and maintain a well balance on our intake of food, we are surely going to live a healthy life that prospers into happiness.

Eating right and good food is a determination and skills that we develop as we learn about the importance of health and teach others about it as well. There is a significant place of choosing and eating right food and time to have it for yogis. Yogis have certain choices and habits when it comes to food.

We have figured out some tips to eat right food and stay healthy.

  1. Go for Plant Based Organic Food

Plant based and organic foods are the best for our body as they contain all the necessary components when eaten in good combination and balance. Plant based foods are the mostly friendly ones to our digestive system. Eating plenty of green organic vegetables, fruits and other plant based foods give us abundance of energy and keep us healthy.

  1. Eat on Regular Intervals

Eating at regular intervals is another idea to stay healthy by eating. When we take in food on the interval of every two hours, our digestive system gets enough time to turn the food into energy and digest the previous intake properly before we take in next round of food. Rather than having a large food and not taking in anything for a long time, we should opt on eating small and light food on regular intervals.

  1. Dare to Say No

Certain foods might taste delicious and we might want it more and more. But if we want to live a healthy life, we must figure out whether that particular food is good for our health. We must learn to say a big NO to the food that tastes just delicious but does not have any health benefits instead has negative effects on our health.

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  1. Avoid Junk and Fast Food

Junk and Fast foods are becoming more convenient and popular in the hectic world today. We want to eat as they are walking, working, lying on bed etc. and junk and fast foods are the best option. In that case we rarely use our kitchen to prepare something that is fresh, healthy and hygienic. We are only getting negative effects on our health with the consumption of junk and fast food. So, we should stay away from those foods.

  1. Chew Your Food Nicely

The more time we take to chew our food, the better it is for our health. As the food chunks turn into small particles, it is easier for the digestive system to work upon it to convert food into energy. So, we must take time to chew our food nicely.

  1. Keep Some Distance between Your Meal and Drinking Water

Some of us have the habit of drinking water right after the meal which is not good for our health. In fact, there should be a certain gap between our meals and water take in. It is good to avoid drinking water until one hour of meal and half hour before the meal. That ideal gap should stop water from interfering in the job of our digestive organs.

       7. Mix Positive Thoughts in Food

Like we are what we eat, we are also what we think. Thus, keeping our positive thoughts high, while eating, transforms the food into all positive energy. The mixture of good food and good thoughts has no chance of having bad effects on us. Let’s mix positive thoughts in our food.

Have you got your say on eating right and staying healthy? Please do share with us.