How Meditation Benefits Us

Meditation is emerging as a universal stress reliever in the hectic modern life of people in the world today. Practiced only by ancient monks and sages in the past, meditation was a secret knowledge which was in approach of only very few people. The purpose of meditation was also different then which was to lead people to the state of Samadhi, the spiritual liberation.

The very skill of meditation has been becoming a part of life for the people living in the hectic schedules of rushing world today. People have started taking meditation as a very strong tool to relieve the stress of daily life. The fast pacing world has created a lot of stress in the lives of people. In the world of tough competition today, everything is rushing in high speed; people are working on tight deadlines; they are taking huge pressure on themselves to get things done on time; and as the result they are being the victims of stress and anxiety. And they have switched to meditation, by research, recommendation or by default, as a tool to relieve stress and anxiety.

Different kinds of meditation techniques have been discovered and people have been practicing them worldwide. Many of us may have been practicing meditation without knowing the actual benefits of it.  There is no doubt that meditation has proved highly beneficial, be that on the esoteric practice or from the scientific point of view. Several researches done around the world on the benefits of meditation have shown numerous benefits of meditation on human health. According to studies, meditation has direct effects on physical, mental and spiritual health of human beings.

 Benefits of Meditation on Physical Level

According to the studies done on different researches, meditation hugely affects physical aspect of human health. Physical benefits of meditation can be felt on our body when we practice it regularly. A regular practitioner of meditation can highly benefit as meditation

  • Helps maintain blood pressure; especially it lowers high blood pressure
  • Lowers the level of lactic acid in blood which causes anxiety, abnormal heartbeat and many other health problems
  • Helps get rid of any tension related physical pain
  • Increases the production of serotonin to improve social behavior and mood
  • Gets immune system stronger and makes you feel full of energy
  • Reduces your ageing

 Benefits of Meditation of Mental Level

As the researchers have found out, the benefits of meditation on mental level of human beings brings a huge positive change. Spiritual benefits of meditation can be achieved with a regular practice of it. Meditation has lots of positive effects on our mind as it

  • Helps to get rid of anxiety
  • Helps to become emotionally stable
  • Mind becomes clear and peaceful
  • Makes people happy and creative
  • Develops intuitive aspect
  • Sharpens the mind and grows focus
  • Increases the problem solving ability
  • Increases functioning of brain

 Benefits of Meditation on Spiritual Level

A regular practitioner of meditation does not only benefit on physical and mental level but also achieves very high spiritual benefits as well, as the studies have shown. Meditation uplifts the spiritual level of a person and transforms the person completely into a better being. Spiritual benefits of meditation help us live a life of harmony. Meditation has good effects on spiritual level as it

  • Makes us feel content
  • Teaches us to appreciate life
  • Helps us to connect with others
  • Makes us feel positive


The listed ones are just some of the numerous benefits of meditation. A constant and regular practitioner of meditation feels definitely more than the ones listed here in this article.

Share with us your experience of how you benefited from meditation. We would love to hear and share.

Happy Meditation!


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