10 Essential Habits to Stay Healthy

Living a healthy life is a dream for everyone but only few can maintain it. Leading a healthy life requires a lot of dedication and discipline. It requires quite a lot of stuff to be removed from and quite a lot added to our life. Living a healthy lifestyle brings a complete transformation into ones’ life – from private to social life and behavior. If we want to live a healthy life, we have to do a lot of things and we have mentioned just ten essential habits to stay healthy out of many here.

Eat in Moderation

We are what we eat. Our health is directly dependent on what and how we eat. Eating right food in right amount is the best way to stay healthy. Our body needs a certain amount of food for proper functioning and more than needed is a useless overload. When we eat for the taste of food, we are tempted to have more and more of it even when the body has received what it needed. This temptation of over eating can create long term problems in our health. So being conscious of how much food is needed for our body is very important and controlling the desire to have more and more food is the best way to stay healthy.

Regular Workout

Our body is like a machine. The more we use it, the better it works. If we do not use a machine for a long time, it rusts and becomes useless. Same is with our body too. No workout, no movement means an open invitation to diseases. Exercise is a very important tool for our good health. Our body and body systems need to stay active for their proper functioning. Even though we live in an extremely busy world, we should find time for exercise every day. Practicing yoga asanas, playing sports, jogging, running, going for gym work out etc. on regular basis can help us stay healthy.

Timely Sleep

Like a machine cannot work all the time and needs some breaks in between to cool down, our body also needs rest, a proper rest, after a certain period of activities. That is why we need sleep. If we can get a proper sleep, we feel fresh, active and energized the next day and can go to activities with new energy. Sleeping on time and waking up on time is also a secret of living a healthy life. There is a very famous saying that goes as “Early to bed early to rise, makes man healthy, wealthy and wise”. It is true indeed that timely sleep keeps us healthy.

Get Productively Busy

Most of us think that we are busy in today’s world. But it is very important to know whether we are productive at the same time. Getting busy is easy but getting productively busy is a hard work and once we get into the habit of productive engagement, it is good for our health as well. When we are engaged and concentrated on our work most of the time, we are involved into the work physically, mentally and emotionally which gives much needed activities to the our physical, mental and emotional aspects. This productive business is a key tool for good health.

Stay Organic

When the world is advancing more and more every day and science is doing miracles, time today demand quick results. This attitude of modern world has direct and adverse effects on our health. We are always in rush so we don’t have time to cook food for ourselves; no time to grow our own vegetables etc. Fast food has become a choice to many and is showing some complicated health effects. As is said we are what eat, we should be aware of what we are eating. If we can grow organic foods in our fields; grow organic vegetables in our garden; and include organic foods and vegetables in our regular meals, we certainly remain healthy for our life.

Turn Your Screen Off

While I wrote this piece on screen and you are reading it on screen, it is very essential that we turn our screen off for a good period of time. Working for a long time on screen, watching television and using other types of screen has adverse effects on our eyes, brain and takes our sleep away. Looking on screen for long time deteriorates our health thus we need a good time off screen every day no matter how closely our life is dependent on screen.

Make friendship with Books

Reading book is a real pleasure and mind engaging activity. Reading books on regular basis helps us stay healthy. Books not only keep us busy but also expand the horizon of our knowledge. Reading habit changes the way we look at the world, our surrounding and ourselves and helps developing positive attitude which is very important to stay healthy.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

We often hear people saying ‘drink enough water’. Yes, drinking water is very important for our health. Keeping our body hydrated keeps us at good health condition. While drinking water is essential to keep our body hydrated, taking in of it more than needed flushes the minerals from our body which is can bring problems again. Drinking 2-3 liters of water every day keeps our body nicely hydrated and in good health.

Walk in the Nature

While walking on regular basis is good for health, finding time to walk in the nature every now and then is even more beneficial. Nice and fresh air, green surrounding and peaceful setting, all these things in the nature help to keep our mind in relaxed state and walking releases all the stress. Regular nature walk energizes and rejuvenates our mind, body and soul and keeps us healthy.


Meditation is an effective tool to stay relaxed and live a stress free life. Meditation develops the ability of staying calm at all situations, builds positive attitude and keeps us motivated. Finding some time to sit on meditation on regular basis no matter where we are gives us the strength to keep our mind at the needed ease to live a healthy life.


Living a healthy life is an artistic combination of several good habitual activities. It requires a lot of dedication, determination, self-control, sacrifice and discipline. While the traits mentioned above are essentials to live a healthy life, these are not the only ones. The list has just a few of several organized and disciplined traits of healthy living which we figured to be more important.

Your perspective can be different. What are on your list? Add more to these on comments.

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