Yoga Asana 101: Naukasana


In this post of our Yoga Asana 101 series, we are going to talk about Naukasana, the boat pose.


The asana is named after the boat like shape of the posture. Nauka in Sanskrit language means a boat and when we practice this asana properly, our body looks like a boat. Our head and toes form the two ends of a boat that is in complete balance.


Naukasana is practiced lying down on the mat on supine position. You should be nicely warmed up before practicing this asana. Thus, go for good rounds of warm up stretches like subtle and dynamic exercises first.  After you are warmed up,

  • Lie down on supine position on your mat
  • Keep your whole body nicely grounded and comfortable
  • Breathe in and out at your natural pace
  • Keep your legs together and hands parallel to your body, palms facing downward
  • Now, interlock your fingers and stretch your hands straight parallel to your body
  • As you take a nice and deep breath in, raise your legs and head simultaneously as high as you can
  • Make sure that your head and legs are raised at the same level up from the ground
  • Making your butts the foundation of the posture, keep your legs and hands nicely stretched looking horizontally at your toes
  • Breathe in and out at your natural pace and feel comfortable while maintaining balance on the posture
  • Repeat the posture three times in each of your practice session and try to hold it as long as you can comfortably



Naukasana is highly beneficial yoga asana in our life. As the posture has direct effects on abdominal zone, legs and hands, those parts of our body get benefitted directly. It helps in digestion and strengthening abdominal muscles; bringing flexibility and strengthening quadriceps, hamstrings and calf muscles. This posture provides a nice stretch to subtle joints and the whole body. Naukasana is also beneficial for the people with hernia.


People with low blood pressure, spinal problem, severe headache and migraine should avoid practicing this posture. Even people suffering from asthma and heart diseases should not do this asana.



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