Yoga Injuries and Ways to Avoid Them

While yoga has been growing immensely popular day by day, there has been a rapid rise in the yoga related injury cases as well. In the modern times, yoga has been perceived, by many, only as a form of physical exercise to stretch the body and make it flexible. In that perception people push themselves too hard to the level that creates problems in the body, quite opposite to what it is supposed to do.

There are several reasons behind the increasing yoga related injury rate. As everybody is completely different from each other, certain yoga postures may not be suitable for all at the same time. Because of the different ability of the body to cope up with the pressure of certain postures, they should be practiced with harmony to the physical capacity.  Extra pressure beyond physical limitation leads to injury.

Another reason is mass yoga classes. Yoga teachers cannot pay full attention to everyone in such mass yoga classes. There is no individual observation so the practitioners may go wrong way in aligning their body. They may overstretch or push too hard on themselves as the competitive psyche encourages them to do like others if not better. The feeling of competition while doing yoga posture is the most dangerous thing that leads to injury. Competition encourages us to go beyond our physical limit and ability at the moment. And when we force ourselves too hard without working properly on our physical condition, we are certainly prone to injuries.

A yoga teacher’s level of knowledge on human anatomy also makes a huge difference. If a teacher pushes his/her students too hard on certain postures without understanding anatomical features and correct alignment, problems might arise there. It’s very important for a yoga teacher to have a good knowledge of human anatomy and understand and devise classes accordingly. Physically harmonious practice always brings better result.

Yoga injuries are caused because of

  • Practitioners pushing themselves too hard
  • Mass yoga classes where individual supervision lacks
  • Lack of understanding of human anatomy
  • Competitive psyche


Yoga is a healing practice. It heals us physically, mentally and emotionally. It’s a holistic healer and it doesn’t do any harm if we are cautious and mindful in our practice.

If we can avoid the above mentioned causes in our practice, we certainly benefit from yoga. First of all, of many varieties of yoga practice, we should research and choose the right type for our body. Some of them have gentle physical movements while some of them are intense and repetitive.  We should be able to choose the correct one for us. We can consult experienced yoga teachers about the right yoga type for us.

Another way to avoid yoga injuries is to become mindful of our body. We must have a deep love to our body so that we care about it. While practicing yoga asanas, we must be aware of happenings in our body and listen to our muscles, bones, joints, ligaments and every other part that is involved in the asana. There must be a certain point where we should be able to say ourselves that it’s enough for the day. We should be gentle and kind enough to care about our body so that it gives us back the most.

If we are starting a new asana practice, we have to do it always in the supervision of an experienced teacher. If we are beginner, we should stick to the basic postures that our body feels harmonious with. We must understand that every one of us is made differently with different abilities and there are certain things that we can and cannot do at the moment. We must respect the limitation of our body and there should be no problem at all.


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