Yoga is the ancient science of human evolution; evolution of mind, body and soul union to reach the higher realm of existence. The ancient yogis transformed their lives through a highly disciplined yogic practice and attained an immensely blissful state of high spirituality.

As yoga is rapidly becoming a universal phenomenon, the number of yoga practitioners is increasing day by day around the world. The ancient science of human existence, yoga is an essential part of our life. Yoga is the right way of life which helps us live a physically, psychologically and spiritually well balanced life. To put it simple, yoga helps us live a stress free life. A regular and honest practice of yoga keeps us miles away from the distractions that bring imbalance in our life. Yoga teaches us to live a happy life with an eternal satisfaction.

After a decade long deep immersion into regular yogic practice, I have felt a great deal about yoga and its effects in my life I thought of sharing the beneficial knowledge of yoga with the world and so I started this blog. It is not that I know everything and rest don’t but it’s my true and honest effort to share my experience and knowledge with rest of you. The eternal joy I experience, on and off the mat, is simply indescribable and I believe that everyone out here deserves to go through the same feeling. So in YOGIC VIBES, I simply put together the holistic concept of yoga and health, analyze different aspects of yogic practices, benefits of yoga on our health, the blissful experience of being grounded and many other yoga and health related facts and stories and share for the benefit of all.

The positive vibes of yoga builds positive energy in us and YOGIC VIBES shares the techniques and ways to bring the same positive yogic vibes into our lives. Being into the path of yoga, be you walking completely on it or just started the journey, brings the eternal bliss that keeps us motivated, energized and always walking the positive path in life. And we all rightfully deserve to go through that path and enjoy that ecstasy.

Let’s share and spread the YOGIC VIBES around and build an all-time positive atmosphere.

Welcome to YOGIC VIBES.