The Joy of Hiking and Doing Yoga is Simply Indescribable
The Joy of Hiking and Doing Yoga is Simply Indescribable

Do you love adventure? Does an adventurous journey within your inner self and an outdoor adventure exploration lure you? If so, Yoga Hiking can prove to be the best choice to fulfill this interest of yours at a one go.

This is combination of two very healthy adventures, Yoga and Hiking, brings us real closer to our life. Practicing yoga asana (posture) and meditation and hiking in the wonder of nature can simply be an awesome idea to stay healthy and connected to the nature. Yoga asanas open up your physical body to go easy on the hike. A one hour long asana practice gives nice stretch to the body and prepares for the day. The mountain atmosphere brings a positive energy in abundance that energizes physical, psychological and spiritual realm of our body.

Doing asana and meditation practice an d walking in Kathmandu valley ridge gives a beautiful opportunity to explore deeper into the inner self and into the nature at the same time. The dual exploration lets us be closer to the essential life aspects and know ourselves better. This is a great and perfect way to get deeper into the exploration of the self.

These are some of the day yoga hiking tours around Kathmandu that will give you an indescribable experience of life journey.

  • Nagarkot – Changu Narayan Yoga Hiking
  • Nagarkot – Nala Yoga Hiking
  • Nagarjun Hill Yoga Hiking
  • Shivapuri Yoga Hiking
  • Champadevi Yoga Hiking
  • Dahachok Yoga Hiking


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