Practice yoga on the lap of the Himalaya while you take a trekking adventure. Trekking in the rugged Himalayan trail has an unbeaten charm for the adventurers and blending yoga into trekking adventure has added a unique and incredible charm to it.

Himalayas, the abode of the ancient yogis, send us the indescribable energy to bring the mind, body and soul coordination and their perfect harmony so that we lead a positive way of life with high spirituality. With that powerful energy from the Himalaya, the practice of yoga becomes an act of joy and it completely transforms our lives into more energetic, more positive, happier and more comfortable state in mind, body and soul. We can experience the holistic well being once we move into some postures, sit comfortably to breathe and meditate and reflect upon the life in the surrounding of Himalayan vibes.

Doing yoga and meditation high up in the mountain in the mornings and evenings and trekking in the afternoons will bring you such an experience which will completely transform you. You will find two different you before and after the Yoga Trekking experience. This trip is not only an exploration of new place but it is also an in-depth journey of the inner self where you explore about yourself and try to learn more about the life reality and your true nature. The majestic and mysterious Himalayan vibes will help boost your search for the inner self and grow more enlightened about the life.

Take this opportunity to delve deeper into your self with the YOGA TREKKING in the Himalayas.

YOGA TREKKING is available in the Everest, Annapurna and Kathmandu Valley Rim.

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