Our Yoga workshop program is also a part of the effort to spread love of practical yogic vibes to humanity. We conduct yoga workshops of two different duration. One is of three days and the other is of seven days. Yoga workshops are for all levels of practitioners who want to learn deeper aspects of yogic philosophy and practicality in short time. Yoga workshops focus on mastering techniques of the asana, pranayama, and meditation and other disciplines of yoga. The yoga workshops discuss philosophical and practical aspects of yoga in participatory and interactive method rather than dictating so that the participants will have more understanding of yogic benefits to the humanity.

Yoga workshops are organized at our Kathmandu studio on regular basis and in other parts of the country upon invitation. Yoga workshops are full time engaging yogic activities for the duration. Each day of the workshop is divided into different parts where different yogic aspects will be discussed and practiced. The participants are given with the activity schedule at the beginning of the workshop and rest of the period follows the schedule.

If you are in Kathmandu, Nepal and want to participate in one of our Yoga Workshop Programs, send us an email here. We will forward you the details.